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MarkIT Space

Empowering Digital Innovation: Discover the Essence of MarkIT Space

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At MarkIT Space, the fusion of cutting-edge digital strategies and tailor-made customer service will reshape your business landscape. Get ready to witness innovation converge with practicality, giving rise to unparalleled digital experiences.

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At MarkIT Space, we wholeheartedly embrace the trends of tomorrow to craft solutions that overcome today's challenges and pave the way for success in the future.

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Our unwavering commitment lies in understanding and prioritising our client's unique needs and visions. Through personalised services and solutions that truly resonate, we create solutions centred on their satisfaction.

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We have an unrelenting drive to redefine the possibilities within digital landscapes by continuously pushing the boundaries of technology. Prepare to be astounded as we deliver groundbreaking solutions that defy conventional limits.

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At MarkIT Space, we possess the ability to think outside the box. By blending art and technology, we produce original and impactful solutions that rise above the noise in the digital world.

At MarkIT Space, Innovation and Execution Intertwine

In a digital landscape that never stands still, MarkIT Space thrives as the haven where creativity and technology converge, giving birth to extraordinary digital solutions. But we're more than just a tech or digital marketing company – we are your strategic growth partner in the digital revolution.

Every challenge at MarkIT Space is an opportunity bursting with potential. Our journey commenced with a vision to not only keep up with technological advancements but to set the pace. From developing customised software to crafting dynamic websites, our mission has remained clear – to deliver not just innovative but also intuitively aligned solutions that cater to our clients' unique needs.

Here at MarkIT Space, 'impossible' holds no power. We are a united team of dreamers, doers, thinkers, and creators, all driven by a single goal – empowering your business with strategic, client-centric, innovative, and creative digital solutions. Join forces with us on this incredible journey where your digital dreams become reality.

The MarkIT Space Story

The Birth of MarkIT Space: From Passion to Revolution

MarkIT Space bears roots in the dreams of a young girl named Kellie, who was immersed in entrepreneurship. Growing up amidst the digital revolution of the '80s and hailing from a lineage of business owners, Kellie's destiny felt almost predetermined.

Coding entered Kellie's life as a childhood hobby, an unexpected pursuit for a vibrant, artistic blonde known for her love of dance, song, and art. Her dual capacity for creativity and technology led her to a crossroads after completing high school. Initially delving into design and marketing, a nod to her creative spirit, her passion for programming persisted. This unexpected twist resulted in her pursuing a double degree in Science, majoring in Nutrition and Sport and Exercise Science, alongside Information Systems, specialising in Database Programming.

In the professional realm, Kellie's technological prowess and creativity did not go unnoticed. While her primary role revolved around programming, she naturally contributed to marketing projects, seamlessly bridging the gap between technical expertise and creative vision. This unique amalgamation of talents became her trademark.

A pivotal moment came unexpectedly. After 22 years of diverse roles in technology and marketing, Kellie took a daring leap into freelancing. This leap of faith was met with an overwhelming response – her client base grew rapidly through referrals and unparalleled client satisfaction. This success served as a catalyst for a grander vision.

And so, in 2022, MarkIT Space was born. It was not merely the culmination of Kellie's personal journey but the commencement of an exciting new chapter. MarkIT Space embodies the fusion of Kellie's diverse expertise – a company that thrives at the intersection of technology, creativity, and strategic thinking. We do not simply construct digital solutions - we create experiences that deeply resonate with our client's needs, driven by a heritage born of passion, innovation, and an ingrained entrepreneurial spirit.

Forward-Thinking: Shaping the Future of Digital Solutions

Our vision remains firm as we gaze into the future – to lead the way in digital innovation, drive transformative change, and set new standards. We transcend the mere creation of digital solutions and shape the future of how businesses engage with technology. Our commitment to strategic, client-centric, innovative, and creative solutions has never been stronger. With anticipation, we eagerly embrace the challenges ahead, ready to face them head-on.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to write the MarkIT Space story, one innovation at a time.

Meet the Brilliant Minds of MarkIT Space

Kellie Watson

With a relentless passion for coding and innovation, Kellie spearheads our marketing and technology strategy. Her 20+ years of experience in tech and marketing bring a unique perspective that drives our creative solutions.

Director & Strategic MarTech Developer

Gail Bainbridge

Overseeing the financial strategy and health of MarkIT Space, Gail's sharp financial acumen and strategic planning skills have played a pivotal role in driving our growth and stability. With a strong background in corporate finance and a keen understanding of the tech industry, she ensures that our financial practices support our innovative endeavours.

Finance Manager

Baiden Maitland

As our marketing guru, Baiden leads our marketing initiatives with an astute eye for trends and a talent for engaging storytelling. With a decade-long experience in digital marketing, he is the mastermind behind our most successful campaigns.

MarTech Manager

Blair Haines

Blair's expertise lies in search engine optimisation strategies. With a deep understanding of the ever-changing SEO landscape, he skillfully navigates algorithms and rankings to ensure our clients' content effectively reaches its target audience. His analytical approach and continuous research keep MarkIT Space at the forefront of SEO trends and best practices.

SEO Specialist

Cailyn Laidlaw

Cailyn is the creative genius behind MarkIT Space's compelling content. With a flair for words and an intuitive grasp of audience engagement, she crafts copy that resonates and converts. Her expertise spans various forms of writing, from website content to persuasive marketing campaigns. Cailyn's ability to seamlessly weave SEO-friendly narratives aligns perfectly with MarkIT Space's digital strategies, making her an integral part of our content creation team.


Xavier Blaize

Xavier breathes life into MarkIT Space's visual identity with his artistic prowess. Vibrant graphics and engaging designs are his tools to enhance our brand's presence and communicate our message with visual clarity and creativity. Xavier's keen eye for design trends and ability to create visually compelling content is essential to our mission of delivering dynamic and innovative digital solutions.

Graphic Designer

The Pillars of MarkIT Space: Our Guiding Principles

MarkIT Space's foundation is built upon dynamic innovation and a forward-thinking mindset. Our core values form the very essence of our identity – they shape our operations, enrich our client relationships, and guide our expedition through the ever-changing tech industry. These values exemplify our dedication to excellence, inform our decision-making, and define our interactions, ensuring we consistently surpass the high standards expected in our sector.

Precision and Strategic Vision

MarkIT Space stands apart by seamlessly blending visionary strategy with meticulous attention to detail. This dual focus empowers us to stay one step ahead, anticipating and shaping future trends while executing each project with unmatched precision and excellence. Our holistic approach ensures we dream big while always keeping sight of the finer details. This unique blend guarantees innovative and strategically astute solutions that are flawlessly executed and finely tuned to our client's needs.

Adaptability and Innovation

At MarkIT Space, being flexible and innovative is at the core of our approach within the dynamic digital landscape. Our agility allows us to swiftly adapt to new technologies, evolving market trends, and unique client needs. Fused with our innovative spirit, this adaptability fuels our ability to think outside the box and redefine boundaries. Our flexibility fuels our innovation, enabling us to embrace unconventional solutions and pivot strategies to remain at the forefront. This dual value empowers our clients with cutting-edge, adaptable, and forward-thinking solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering services that are as nimble as they are groundbreaking, positioning MarkIT Space as a guiding light for future-ready digital solutions.

Quality and Equality

'Quality and Equality' represent the very essence of our identity at MarkIT Space. These core values reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier digital solutions while embracing fairness and impartiality in every aspect of our business. Quality, for us, encompasses the entire journey – from conception to execution. Our team is devoted to the highest standards in every project, ensuring our solutions are impactful, innovative, and enduring. Equality underlies our philosophy, guiding our interactions with clients, team members, and partners. We champion an inclusive environment that respects diversity and fosters equal opportunities. 'Quality and Equality' at MarkIT Space represents our quest for operational excellence and ethical practices. It is about achieving outstanding results while maintaining a balanced approach in all our endeavours. This value drives us to be leaders in digital innovation and advocates for a fair and just business world.